Risks associated with cryptocurrencies

Risks associated with cryptocurrencies


  1. Volatility: Cryptocurrencies or say digital assets are highly volatile financial assets, so you should remain always aware that the value of digital assets you hold, trade, or transfer change dramatically
  2. Legality: Cryptocurrencies are fully decentralised & can be accessed anytime & anywhere across the world irrespective of the rules & laws dedicated to any corresponding Jurisdiction. So any type of activity related to Cryptocurrencies could be illegal for certain people in certain Jurisdictions.
  3. Unregulated: Over the past few years many countries recognised cryptocurrencies as an alternative financial market and also imposed a set of laws to regulate this sector but people need to understand that crypto is unregulated in the majority of the countries.
  4. Irreversibility: Cryptocurrencies are decentralised but otherside if a person mistakenly sends crypto assets to the wrong address then in that situation no one can do anything, except request to the beneficiary via the on-chain message feature on the corresponding blockchain network. So any transaction to the wrong crypto address may lead to loss of the funds forever.


All such types of risks related to Cryptocurrencies should be understood by every person before dealing in cryptocurrencies. We “crosschange.site” will not be responsible for any type of loss because of price change or wrong crypto address fund transaction but in case of failure of the transaction, we will execute the transaction manually or give the funds back.

In case of transaction failure, simply contact us.



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